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What Happens If I Didn`t Get A Party Wall Agreement

However, the impact of discounts on a property is greater than that, the value of the property is permanently reduced, building insurance premiums are massively increased, and the ability to secure a mortgage on the property is reduced. Is this something that is usually covered in a Partywall Award? I am planning a one-story return extension. I intend to serve a party wall notice to my two neighbors as I live in a terraced house. If my extension along the line were to cause damage to the neighboring property, for example, if cracks occurred or if the building went too wrong, who is responsible? Can I still protect myself? What happens if the property is already subject to the PWA 1996 procedure? If you need more information about the need to receive Partywall notifications, please contact us. Party walls can be tricky things, tricky in the sense that they are either a non-game for the owner or a legal nightmare. If you`re worried that your party wall will go in that latter direction, here are some frequently asked questions we`ve answered in the past. .