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Social Security Agreement Between Australia And Spain

(b) the social pension paid by Italy as non-contributory social assistance shall not be taken into account; and laws, regulations and other general legislation concerning the branches of social security falling within the scope of this Supplementary Convention (Article 2(1)(a)); The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs wishes to regulate relations between them in the field of social security, except for the derogations provided for in Article 11, which concerns the National Insurance Administration; 3. Transfers resulting from the implementation of this Agreement shall be made in accordance with existing agreements between the two Parties. 2. Where the Australian competent authority and a province of Canada enter into such an agreement, all references in Australian law to an envisaged international agreement with a foreign country shall also be read as references to an instrument of an envisaged agreement between Australia and a province of Canada. 3. If an institution, tribunal or tribunal postpones or orders the recovery of a social security claim or orders or orders the payment of a social security claim in instalments, the five-year period referred to in clause 1(a)(iv) shall be extended by the deferral period or, as the case may be, the period during which the debt is to be paid in instalments. 3. Where disclosure is not required by the legislation of a Party, any information relating to a natural person transmitted in accordance with this Agreement to a competent authority, competent institution or liaison agency of that Party shall be confidential and may be used only for the purposes of the application of this Agreement and the social security legislation of a Party. If disclosure to third parties is required by the laws or other laws of a party, the first party may not disclose such information to the other party.

The rate of payment of social security is the rate of portability of the person fixed in accordance with Part 3 for international conventions. A social security payment to be made under a draft international social security agreement is not payable to a person during a period during which the person is outside Australia, unless the agreement provides that the pension or assistance is to be paid outside Australia. 1. Where a Party (the first Party) makes a payment under this Agreement or its social security laws to a person residing in the territory of the other Contracting Party, the first Contracting Party, the application of an income check, shall not take into account any income-related payment it makes to that person under this Agreement or the social security legislation of the other Party. The Embassy of Italy is honoured to confirm that the foregoing is acceptable to the Government of the Republic of Italy and that the Ministry`s note and this response together constitute an agreement between the Government of the Republic of Italy and the Government of Australia, which will enter into force on the day of entry into force of the Agreement. (iii) non-contributory benefits under the Spanish social security system; and (e) if the person`s notional pension rate is not zero, add the child`s additional amount or amounts (applicable under Section 14A) to the person`s notional pension rate. This new amount is the total nominal rate of the person; 4. This Agreement shall also apply to the laws and regulations of a Contracting Party defining new social security systems or branches, subject to written notification by the competent authority of one Party to the competent authority of the other Party.

Unless the competent authority of the other Contracting Party objects within three months of the date of such notification, the scope of this Agreement, as defined in substance, shall include the content of the notification from a date mutually agreed between the competent authorities of the Contracting Parties. . . .