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Commercial Entity Agreement Paypal Section 75

However, § 75 applies when the purchase is made with the authority of the primary cardholder. A usual circumstance in which this is the case is when booking a family leave. PayPal payments retain the authorization provided for in section 75, provided that the seller is a company through the CEA (Commercial Entity Agreement) of PayPal. Unlike Section 75, which is enshrined in law, retrobooking is a voluntary system set up by Visa, MasterCard and Amex – banks that offer debit cards sign it as a good practice. This User Agreement is made available to commercial enterprises (“Commercial Enterprise Agreement” or “CEA”) PayPal to users who are commercial enterprises (as defined by Visa and MasterCard) who open a business account and use PayPal services to accept Association branded payment cards (defined below) and PayPal payments from customers through their PayPal account (the “PayPal Services”). Any entity or person that receives this CEA is referred to as “PayPal client”. In this CEA, “you” and/or “your” also refer to PayPal customers. This CEA presents your separate legally binding contract between (1) as a commercial enterprise and (2) JP Morgan Chase Bank N.A. (“Member”). In this CEA, “we”, “us”, and “ours” also refer to the member.

PayPal Customer has approved the Online PayPal Agreement on the PayPal website (“UA”) and, in some cases, the Online Virtual Terminal Payments Agreement or any other online agreement related to your direct card acceptance (“Pro Agreement”) and/or signed PayPal the payment settlement agreement PayPal (“AAA”), which contain requirements for PayPal services and are added by reference to this CEA. The Member may terminate the provision of credit and debit card processing services that the Member PayPal and provides to you in connection with payments made through the PayPal Service, and enforce all provisions of the AU and, where applicable, the Pro and/or AAA Agreement regarding the Credit and Debit Card Processing Services provided by the Member. By serving the EFA or accepting this CEA (by a “Click Through” agreement or otherwise), you agree to the terms of this CEA and all documents incorporated by reference. PayPal customer also agrees that this AZES has a legally binding contract between PayPal customer and member. All rights not expressly granted herein are reserved to the member. First, to protect the consumer, you have the same rights vis-à-vis the supplier and the creditor under Article 75, although this does not apply if the creditor is also the supplier. However, they must not only provide information, but also provide specific information before an agreement is concluded. . . .