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Cambodia Vietnam Agreement

Interior Minister Sar Kheng signed the agreement with Vietnamese Public Security Minister To Lam during a visit to Vietnam over the weekend. Home – Cambodia, Vietnam sign seven agreements to strengthen cooperation In Strasbourg, EU lawmakers voted by 401 votes to 192 in favor of a free trade agreement with Vietnam. It is the most comprehensive pact of its kind that the EU has concluded with a developing country and only the second, after Singapore, with a member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). “This is another historic visit by me to Vietnam to witness several great successes of the two countries, including the border delimitation agreement to be signed on Saturday,” Hun Sen added. Vietnamese Minister of Industry and Trade Tran Tuan Anh called the agreement an “important milestone” in relations and said it is expected to enter into force in July. The clothing, footwear and wooden furniture industries would be Vietnam`s main beneficiaries, he said. The agreements signed on Friday in Hanoi, including aid to Vietnam, provided support for Cambodia`s efforts to address drug problems in Sihanouk province and the construction of a new administrative building for the National Assembly. The 2019 complementary treaty on border posts was signed in early October by Hun Sen and his Vietnamese counterpart Nguyen Xuan Phuc. It recognizes the legality of two documents, an additional protocol of 1985 and a 2005 agreement on the delimitation of borders, which consolidates the delimitation of 84% of the border. He said that as soon as Cambodia has a new government, any border agreement reached by Hun Sen`s government will be abolished.

Prime Minister Hun Sen and his Vietnamese counterpart Nguyen Xuan Phuc today signed seven memoranda of understanding and agreements aimed at further strengthening bilateral and mutual relations. “I believe that the rapid development in Vietnam will help this country achieve its development goal and play an important role in the region and the international community,” he said. Sar Kheng wrote on his Facebook page on Saturday that the plan for this year also focuses on cooperation between the two countries` police in order to maintain security and public order. Sam An, a former CNRP lawmaker convicted in the past for criticizing the border issue, said the king only signed under pressure from Hun Sen. He also said the treaty, partly based on the 1985 treaty, should be considered illegal. Both the Vietnamese and the Khmer (Cambodians) come from ancient Austro-Asian speaking peoples who settled in the eastern and southern regions of Indochina. Vietnamese society that began in the Red River Delta in southern China was heavily Sinicized, while Khmer society, concentrated around the lower Mekong River, was Native American. During these early periods, the different communities of the two societies had no common border.

[1] Territorial expansions resulted in the spheres of influence of the expanding Vietnamese Dai Viet and the large, well-established Khmer empire overlapping in the 11th century, causing centuries of friction and conflict. In the early twelfth century, the Lý dynasty successfully repelled the invasion of Khmer King Suryavarman II. [2] He added that the new treaty should never have been formulated or promulgated because the country has not yet achieved national unity and Vietnam and Cambodia have not yet concluded the delimitation along the entire border. . . .