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This Protocol complies with the Protocol Evaluation and Meta-Analysis Guidelines (PRISMA-P). Kraniofazial surgery RCTs are identified by research in kraniofazial surgery journals. Five reviews of the Thomson Reuters Impact Factor 2016 report contained “cranio” in their titles and were recorded. MEDLINE PubMed is used to browse all the RCTs published in these magazines. The search strategy is described in this protocol. It will be limited to articles written in English, written about people and published in the last five years. Two independent researchers will evaluate each study for absorption and perform data extraction. Researchers will assess the compliance of each RCT with the 25-point checklist of the CONSORT statement as the primary outcome. Disagreements are resolved by consensus or arbitration of the third author. Secondary endpoints to be extracted include pathology and interventions studied, as well as RCT quality indices. The systematic review will be in line with the PRISMA guidelines. The evaluation was registered a priori with the register of systematic synthesis/meta-analysis work (UIN: reviewregistry219).

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The assumption is that RCTs in leading kraniofazial journals fully meet the CONSORT criteria. Otherwise, the hypothesis is that greater CONSORT compliance is found in multicenter RCTs with a greater number of contributing authors and published more recently in journals with a higher FI. . . .