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Article X Of The Wto Agreement

(b) similar provisions apply to each Party that is not a member of the Fund from the date on which that Party becomes a member of the Fund or a special exchange agreement is entered into in accordance with Article XV. 7. (a) A special exchange agreement between a Contracting Party and the Contracting Parties referred to in paragraph 6 of this Article shall provide, to the satisfaction of the Contracting Parties, that the objectives of this Agreement shall not be thwarted by trade measures taken by the Party concerned. 2. The instruments and associated instruments listed in Annexes 1, 2 and 3 (hereinafter referred to as `multilateral trade agreements`) shall form an integral part of this Agreement and shall be binding on all Members. (d) At the request of a Party that can demonstrate on a first-sight view that the restrictions are inconsistent with the provisions of this Article or with those referred to in Article XIII (subject to Article XIV), and that their trade is thereby affected, the Contracting Parties shall request any Party that applies restrictions under this Article to enter into consultations with them. However, such a request shall be made only if the Contracting Parties have found that the direct discussions between the Parties concerned have not been successful. In the absence of agreement following consultations with the Parties and finding that the restrictions are applied in contravention of those provisions and that they cause or threaten injury to the trade of the Party initiating the proceedings, they shall recommend the lifting or modification of the restrictions. If the restrictions are not withdrawn or modified within the period prescribed by the Contracting Parties, they may, in their circumstances, consider that the Party initiating the proceedings is proportionate to the obligations under this Agreement vis-à-vis the Contracting Party applying the restrictions. (b) The provisions of such an agreement shall not impose on the Contracting Party trade obligations generally more restrictive than those imposed on the members of the Fund by the Articles of the International Monetary Fund Convention.

3. Paragraph 1 shall apply between a Member and another Member which has acceded pursuant to Article XII only if the Member which does not accept the request has so reported to the Ministerial Conference before the approval by the Ministerial Conference of the Convention on the Conditions of Accession. 1. Goods (including luggage), but also ships and other means of transport shall be deemed to transit through the territory of a Contracting Party when the passage through that zone, with or without transhipment, storage, bulk or modification of the mode of transport, is only part of a complete journey beyond the border of the Contracting Party in who wholly the traffic transits. Traffic of this type is described in this article as traffic in transit. 1. The WTO shall establish the common institutional framework for the implementation of trade relations between its Members on matters relating to the agreements and associated legal instruments set out in the Annexes to this Agreement. 6. Any Party which is not a member of the Fund shall become a member of the Fund within a period to be determined by the PARTIES after consultation with the Fund or, failing that, shall conclude a special exchange agreement with the Contracting Parties. A party that is no longer a member of the Fund shall immediately enter into a special exchange agreement with the parties. Any special exchange agreement concluded by a Contracting Party under this paragraph shall then be part of its obligations under this Agreement.

(a) a charge equivalent to a national charge levied in accordance with Article III* (2) for the like domestic product or for a product from which the imported product has been manufactured or manufactured in whole or in part; 2. . . .