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Translation Service Level Agreements

All returns to STAR must be accurate and in a digital format that is easily readable and usable. When providing feedback, give examples of at least some of the issues to be addressed. Statements like, it is a “bad translation” or it is an “automatic translation” that contains insufficient information to provide a satisfactory solution. The IT group is then responsible for the correlation between these measurements and the architecture of the system and the measurement of the different components. Redundancy, load compensation, network topology and other architectural features affect these metrics. However, these individual measures are only part of the main overall statistics: general trade metrics. In practice, THE IT employees responsible for FOR Technologiesilos generally communicate with each other by communicating at the component level, but to serve their professional customers, IT must communicate with businessmen from a global business perspective. We are passionate about providing excellent service and is committed to reaching the next level of service. All you ask for in return is simple things. If the customer cancels or withdraws some of the services mentioned in this contract prior to the completion of Lexigo`s services, the lexigo customer must pay the portion of the total lexigo fee, which corresponds to the percentage of the services provided, but in any event no less than 50% of that fee. The terminological glossary notes that Lexigo has compiled as part of the performance of lexigo services under this contract; However, provided that the client and Lexigo agree in writing that these terminological glossary entries, after payment by the customer of an agreed fee to Lexigo, will be transferred to the client`s property and covered by the confidentiality provisions contained in this paragraph.

“Services” are our services such as translation, location, interpretation, subtitles, voiceovers, transcription and other service-based products. If no instruction is given, the translator will use his best professional judgment to complete your translation. If the quality is not compatible with the required level due to an imprecise customer specification, STAR changes are calculated using an hourly rate. Historically, service level agreements have been developed between technical organizations. For example, an ISP and a COMPUTER group will agree on the levels of service that the service provider would guarantee to its Internet service. Over time, the IT group can also request specific power metrics for connection, such as loss. B packages or Jitter, depending on the applications used by its customers. We need correct and complete source files for translation. This includes all associated elements, such as fonts and images. We need your images so we can see your products and diagrams correctly during translation. It also means that we can make the final layout of the file.

If we have everything, we can produce final files ready to print in any language. It is important to get it from the beginning to make the process simple.