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Testimonial Agreement

I understand my testimony as described above or recorded in the video of me (the “Testimony”) and on behalf of [Business Name] (`The Business`) can be used in the publication and promotion of The Business. I authorize The Business to use my name, short biographical information and testimony, as defined on this form or by me in this video. In addition, I waive any right to review or approve the finished product, including a written copy or processed videos in which my image or testimonial appears. Before using the Contract Pack, I often forget to include items in my agreements with customers that cause frustration, usually on my side. This package of contracts allowed me to keep a consistent look at my customer documents and helped me to be more proactive and helpful for my clients by covering all the bases I need to cover. Written Statement of Testimonial Material (for those acting on written testimony only): I hereafter hold without damage and release The Business from all claims, claims and means that I have, my heirs, representatives, executors, directors or any other person acting on my behalf or on behalf of my estate, under this authorization. Examples: Dr. John Doe, title, Imaginary University. As a witness, the parties executed this agreement on this day of the current month, the current year. The professional title of the signatory, the authorized signature or the signatory.

. . . I have read the permission and sharing information and I agree with the use above. . I irrevocably authorize The Business to copy, expose, publish or disseminate testimony to publish Programs of The Business or other legitimate purposes. These statements can be used in print publications, multimedia presentations, websites or other distribution media. I agree that I will not make any monetary or other claims against The Business for the use of the statement. Printed name: The name of the company (“Grantee”) seeks permission from First Last (“Author”) for the right to print, reproduce and re-publish the following testimonial (the “material”) for use at the Insert Reprint Location (Advertisement, Broadcast, Publishing) by the Grantee.

Permission is granted to Grantee for non-exclusive global rights in all languages, for the use of the material below, received by the first “author” in the format of a testimonial, and for any advertising or alternative use, future revisions and future editions of it.