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Subscription Agreement Saas

Detailed payment rules are important. It should explain that the subscription fee is based on the services purchased and not on the customer`s usage. This is important when they give a discount to a customer for buying a long-term commitment. 2.6. In order to avoid any doubt, there is no purchase of tags under this agreement and any sale of beacons without the Services is covered by a separate agreement for the purchase of beacons. 13. Generalities. For after-sales service, technical support and to facilitate interaction with its end-users, Websense can regularly send information or advertising messages to subscribers via email and communicate account information to associated third parties. Subscribers can choose to “disable” the receipt of these messages or the exchange of information by sending an email to requesting the opt-out. The subscriber acknowledges and accepts that sending such emails and “opting out” does not give them emails containing messages about service updates and improvements. However, Websense can continue to send technical emails. The subscriber recognizes that Websense can only use the subscriber`s name in a general list of Websense customers. Websense has all the suggestions, ideas, wishes for improvement, comments or recommendations from the subscriber regarding the services.

The Subscriber may not transfer the Subscriber`s rights to use the Services or transfer this Contract to another person or entity without first obtaining prior written permission from Websense. Communications to Websense are sent to General Counsel at 10240 Sorrento Valley Road, San Diego, CA 92121 USA. Any litigation arising from this Agreement or its violation is governed by U.S. federal laws and by the laws of the State of California, United States, for all claims that arise or relate to the United States, Canada or Mexico; the laws of England and Wales for all claims that arise in the United Kingdom or relate to the United Kingdom; dublin, Ireland for all other claims, regardless of or applying the choice of laws, rules or principles. Both parties herein accept the exclusive jurisdiction of: (1) state and federal courts in San Diego, California, Usa. for all claims that occur or are related to the United States, Canada or Mexico; (2) the courts in England and Wales for all claims that arise in the United Kingdom or relate to the United Kingdom; or (3) the competent courts in Dublin, Ireland, for all other claims.