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Mass Upload Freight Agreement

This function also supports the downloading of contract items/TCCS. Is there a possibility that we could download the headers and item levels in bulk? Transport Charge Calculation Sheet (TCCS) – includes transportation cost items such as fuel surcharge, stop, base freight rate, etc. and charging points. The second point shows us that the min usage rate directly influences the consolidation of freight units into freight orders. This means that we have to define the rules of use very carefully. Since the optimizer cannot create additional cargo units, it is obliged to check these consolidations if we add the usage rate as a restriction or penalty. Therefore, the penalties for not realizing the use of the objective must be very low. Otherwise, the serial optimization of freight ends with a high occupancy rate on one leg, but a terrible route. Rate Table – is a real substitute for tariffs/values that are relevant to a single load item. In other words, it is a “price list” of the transportation service. Rate tables can have multiple scales and can be large and hold more than 1 million entries. Setting up these tables can be tedious, and to simplify this process, integration with Microsoft Excel is provided to download rates into the system. b) it can decide the distribution of cargo units between cargo orders in order to fill almost the entire combination of a truck.

We can help the optimizer and add some instructions to the cost function by making them convex. We can say that the cost function of a new added freight contract should be high if there is no charge. And it should be low if we reach or reach the threshold of use. This brings us to such a cost function: I have a requirement in which I have to create freight units according to Z logic, while creating the OBTR based on the sales order of SAP ECC. I am trying to use Excel integration for tariff schedules in royalty management. Downloading the rate table in Excel works. However, downloading to the TM system does not work. I`ve tried changing the XLSX format to XML, but the table is a writing protection and I need a password to unlock the Excel table. I also tried to download the table in the original XLSX format, but all the time I get the same error: “Error when loading; The name of the file is not valid or the file is too large. I haven`t changed the name of the file and I don`t think that`s the reason. Does anyone know this problem and have a solution? In TM 8, I didn`t have this problem, I was able to transfer the Excel file into the TM system.

To finalize our cost parameters for distance, we need to think about one last important topic: If you use the carriers, you usually only pay for the freight order itself, you don`t care about the next transport order or the distance to get home. To model this, create resources as multi-resources. You have the “Beam” function. The optimizer doesn`t care about the steps between cargo orders. Each time the transportation contract goes through the management of transportation costs, it goes through all the basic TCM data elements. The process begins with the determination of a transportation contract that may contain multiple CCSTs. Once the TCCS is dissolved, the system goes through each loading element and removes the applicable rate from the corresponding fare table.