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Gold Car Rental Agreement

I rented a GoldCar car (via DoYouSpain) for a 4-day holiday in Lanzarote in October 2018. When picking up the car, I had to present a credit card guarantee of 1,000.00 euros against damage. I inspected the car with a GoldCar representative, and I pointed out some small scratches and bumps. I took a picture of obvious damage: the badge hood was heavily cracked and worn. I returned the car after having treated it 4 days later… again a common check around the car, with the GoldCar representative, who issues the car “OK” but does not give me a copy of a registration sheet. A few months later, I received a credit card bill of 640.00 euros to pay to GoldCar. I took this with GoldCar which responded to this tax was for “damage” to the car during my rent. I contradicted, and we had a fight for several months.

I implicated DoYouSpain because I thought they bore some responsibility in these scams as an agent in the first transaction, and on whose recommendation I chose GoldCar. In principle, DoYouSpain did not want to know; to deny any responsibility. I involved my credit card company, which said they were friendly, but helpless, because GoldCar had my card data. I reluctantly agreed to pay the full credit card bill, and I immediately asked for a full refund of GoldCar. I also asked for information and gave me proof of the “damage” while the car was in my custody. Finally, they provided their “evidence” in the form of documents for an identical car showing some superficial damage to the front and rear. When I checked these documents, I noticed the following: 1. Vehicle registration was different 2.

The car was rented to someone with a Germanic name at the same time as my rent 3. The car was rented by the GoldCar offices in Valencia, on the Spanish mainland; Maybe 1,700 miles from Lanzarote across the Atlantic and The Mediterranean. I told my credit card company. Later, GoldCar told me that the money had been refunded to my account. There was no excuse from Goldcar or DoYouSpain for this fraudulent behavior. All I can say is – If you want to spoil your vacation, almost enough to get you out of your vacation forever, use DoYouSpain to rent you a GoldCar car. Keep in mind that Goldcar can request credit card information and request payments some time after your vacation. The “hands of the credit card company are tied.” If you want to be safer with a car rental, choose a serious business and try to take a full and detailed video around the car at check-out and, when returning the car, you will need a copy of the completed registration sheet.

We had a similar experience when we rented a car at Alicante airport. Gasoline cost more than the actual cost of car rental. This always happens, which is why we will use coysrent-a-car in the future. They charge 12 euros for gas in a small car and 25 euros for a larger car. This means that you only pay for the gas you consume. At one point, it was the usual practice or some companies would calculate in and for half a tank. Currently in conflict with nationwide to get the money back, try to get an email for goldcar Read your contract before you rent. He says that “special cleaning” charges can apply… This means that they will charge you €50 or more at the end of the rent if you return the vehicle. You will probably have left the country if you receive this tax. We had our WORST EVER car rental from Goldcar at Gran Canaria Airport in May 2012. Hired via the car rental app and great value for $31 for the 5 days, we didn`t need the car in addition to the ride from Palma to Porta Pollence – cheaper than the taxi, bus or shuttle because we had planned a cycling holiday.

I`m careful, so no inurance so paid the deposit of 1100 euros and 95 euros fuel deposit.