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Bipartite Agreement Labour Law

The labour relations dispute must first be resolved through bilateral negotiations through consultations to reach the agreement, and the deadline for bilateral negotiations does not exceed 30 (30) working days since the first day of the trial. If one of the parties refuses to negotiate within 30 (30) working days or if negotiations have taken place, but no agreement is reached, the two-part negotiation is considered a failure. Collective agreement on sexual harassment in the timber industry in Italy (CCNL Legno Industria, 2015) The implementation of the framework agreement was presented in 2011 by European social partners in a formal report (BusinessEurope, CES, CEEP and UEAPME, 2011) which led to the establishment of national and sectoral agreements and legislation protecting workers from violence and sexual harassment. For example, if bi-German negotiations result in an agreement, the two sides reach a joint agreement signed by the parties. The joint agreement is binding and must be respected by the parties. The joint agreement is registered by the parties of the labour tribunal in the district court of the home of the parties who entered into the agreement. The registered joint agreement is granted with proof of the registration of the common agreement and has become an integral part of the common agreement. The 2010 collective agreement between the Uganda Flower Exporters Association (UFEA) and the Horticulture and Allied Workers` Union (UHAWU) requires the implementation of a sexual harassment policy and provides details on its central content (collective agreement between UFEA and UHAWU, 2010, para. 20 and 20.1), notes the obligation for employers to take measures to prevent sexual harassment when employing more than 25 employees (collective agreement between UFEA and UHAWU, 2010, para. 20.4) and provides for a procedure for dealing with complaints before (collective agreement between UFEA and UHAWU, 2010, Randn 15).

In addition to these measures, the agreement also includes the creation of a joint subcommittee for equality and equality, which will study, inform/advise and submit recommendations to the Joint Bargaining Council (JNC) (collective agreement between UFEA and UHAWU, 2010, point 22a). The 2016-2018 collective agreement between the Brazilian Association of Financial Sector Workers (CONTRAF-CUT) and the National Federation of Banks (Fenaban) provides for voluntary compliance with the protocol on the prevention of conflicts in the workplace (Contraf-CUT and Febraban, 2016-2018, section 56). This protocol contains provisions to prevent workplace conflicts, including harassment. It requires the establishment of internal claims mechanisms (Contraf-CUT and Febraban, undated) section 2.a) and provides for the possibility of filing complaints with the union, which would then be submitted to the Bank (Contraf-CUT and Febraban, Undated, Section 4.a). This collective agreement has improved working conditions and farms have introduced a mix of employer- and worker-led claims mechanisms. Workers can express concerns about women interviewed on the union`s women`s committee and changes have been introduced in management structures to reduce excessive or discretionary power that exacerbates sexual harassment. [1] The Republic of Uganda`s collective agreement between the signatories of the Uganda Flower Exporters Association and the Uganda Horticultural and Allied Workers Union is available at