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Artwork Consignment Agreement

Read here how to create record reports with the Archive artwork. At WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties signed this agreement on the following date. The gallery is also responsible for storing and using custom boxes and shipping containers specially designed for works of art. 11. Commission. If the artist sells works of art directly to a buyer through contacts initially made by the gallery, the gallery is entitled to a commission of 1 % of the sale price. If the gallery agency is exclusive, the gallery receives a commission of one percent of the sale price of each sale of art studios by the artist who enters the scope of the gallery`s exclusivity. 3. Prices and terms of payment.

The gallery can only sell the artworks at the sale price listed in the inventory list. The gallery and the artist agree that the gallery`s commission must be the percentage of the sale price of the work of art. Both parties must agree in advance any changes to the sale price or the Gallery Commission. 15. Interest in safety. The property and security interest of the works of art or proceeds of sale shipped under this agreement are reserved for the artist. The works of art are not covered by the claims of the gallery`s creditors. The gallery undertakes to execute and provide the artist, in the form desired by the artist, with a financial statement and other documents that the artist may require to enhance his interest in the safety of works of art. In the case of the purchase of works of art by a party other than the gallery, the title passes directly from the artist to the buying company.

If a work of art is purchased by the gallery, the title will only be transferred to the artist if all the sums due are paid in full. The Gallery recognizes that it has no right and that it may mortgage or incriminate the works of art in its possession and that it still creates a tax or obligation for which the artist may be held responsible. Gallery exhibits and sells works of art; and the artists have created and own and want to exhibit and sell the works of art on the inventory list; Therefore, the parties agree that it is precisely when you work with multiple galleries or retailers that it can be difficult to keep an overview of the location of all your artworks. You`ll be surprised how many times we talk to artists who have lost or forgotten art sent without proper documentation. The mailing reports will help you and the gallery track what you have delivered, what has been sold and what needs to be returned. It is helpful for you and the gallery to keep a copy of the mailing report handy to ensure that all your work is taken into account (sold or returned to you). 7. Fiduciary responsibility. This clause relates to the ownership of the work of art and the tax liability of the gallery to the artist.

It makes it clear that the mailing work is the property of the artist and cannot be taken care of by the creditors when the gallery goes bankrupt.