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Sumf Agreement

The parties bear the 30berre SUMF (Kraton) agreement, their own mediation costs and the mediator`s costs are borne equally. Notwithstanding the above, this agreement does not require the VENDEUR to transfer assets other than transferred shares or to provide services to companies or buyers (with the exception of services provided in interim contracts, US SUMF agreements and commodity agreements in the United States). Operating services include the management of activities covered by the SUMF agreements, but exclude certain activities carried out under the SUMF agreement. Pernis SUMF Agreement (Kraton/SNC) 6.2 Measure of volume delivered to buyer (Articles 3 and 16) Not applicable. Agreement Berre SUMF (Kraton)6.2 Measure of the quantity delivered to the buyer: supply flows are measured by balance sheet flow counters with an integrator of precision to be agreed between buyer and supplier. Following the implementation of the “SUMF agreements” referred to in the preamble, the parties agree to extend the duration of the revised and revised sublease by fifteen (15) years from the effective date, provided that in the event of an extension of the term of the SUMF agreements, the duration of the revised and amended sublease will be automatically extended for the same period. Berre SUMF Agreement (Kraton)8.3 STEAM – The variable component is based on the actual yields and prices of fuel oil, demineralized water, chemicals and distribution companies (see Appendix 3). The duration of this sublease is twenty (20) years from the date of entry into force and Newco is entitled to three (3) conditions of extension of five (5) years each; however, in the event of an extension of the duration of one or both SUMF agreements, the duration of the sublease is automatically extended for the same period, but the extension will not be extended beyond June 30, 2044. After entering this agreement, the previous SUMF contract expires and no longer has any effect or effect.