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Service Level Agreement Nslhd

Commissioning is not just about buying services. It is a strategic process of cooperation with the market to design, deliver services together and actively manage them, in order to meet the needs of a defined population within available resources in the most effective and effective way and to improve results. The Integrated Commissioning Framework for Sydney`s Northern Health System is an ongoing process of planning, making available, monitoring and monitoring health services, with a focus on staff-centred outcomes. The creation of service level agreements between NDTP and the various training institutions is a formal process. The NDTP strives to take a collaborative and realistic approach in the development of these agreements. There are two annual AES review meetings, at which stakeholders, both internal and external, can review the results of the agreement in previous years and look at the results of the current year. Stakeholder engagement will be encouraged at this meeting, when results are determined and verified and key priorities are identified. Section 86 (6) of the Medical Practitioners Act of 2007 requires the HSE to manage medical training services as “personal health and social services” within the meaning of Sections 38 and 39 of the Health Act 2004. This legislation has resulted in the creation of formal and highly structured contractual agreements between the HSE and all medical training officers.

These requirements were first implemented in annual service level agreements signed in 2010 between HSE and a number of suppliers. Sydney`s Northern Health Network is taking a command-based approach to planning local health services, with the goal of improving the health of the people in our region. We work with players in the social and health economy to define strategic direction, promote service improvement and system changes. Our approach to commissioning is supported by the Commissioning Principles of the Nationally Agreed Primary Health Network. SNHN will use our integrated commissioning framework to collaborate, collaborate and collaborate with our community to improve health outcomes.