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Separation Agreement Questions

The best way to protect assets acquired before the start of a relationship is to have an agreement that records how the property should be split in the event of separation. This is called a contract. Trusts are also widely used, but recent court proceedings in New Zealand indicate that the use of trusts may not be as secure as expected. A contract is best concluded at the beginning of the relationship, but can be concluded at any time before the separation of the spouses. The process is usually easy to follow and you usually don`t need a lawyer, as all the information on the family court website is publicly available – see The separation is separated and separated from your spouse. As long as one or both parties to a marriage or in the provinces that recognize its legality decide to live separately and separately from common-law marriages, they are considered separate. The law does not require judicial proceedings or formal separation procedures. The Ombudsman can explain the process, the range of possible and fair outcomes and help you negotiate an agreement.

If the separation is relatively consensual and the parties want to move quickly, the costs will be lower. The above questions are just starting points. Your divorce lawyer will probably have further questions about your specific circumstances. Approximately 9 per cent of Canadians aged 15 and over are divorced or separated. If couples decide to separate, divorce is an option, but one or both parties may not be ready to end the marriage. Separation offers an alternative to a divorce, but it is important to understand their legal implications before deciding that this is the right option for you. Here are the answers to seven of the most common questions asked by people thinking of separating. If the answer is yes, separation can generally be simpler, less costly and less emotional. You can, if the separation or divorce is relatively consensual. That may be the hardest part.

Now is the time to learn as much as possible about the separation process. If the separation is not carried out on good terms, it is advisable to represent them independently. This can also be arranged by the separation guide.