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Saas Vendor Agreement

Effective management of SaaS contracts and agreements – and their terms – is a cornerstone of any saaS management strategy. With a clear overview of SaaS applications and related contract details, technology managers can create opportunities for value improvement and productivity. A saaS or cloud-services agreement should include data processing clauses that meet these requirements. All of our SaaS agreements, SaaS terms and conditions of service contain appropriate clauses. Access to data is a very important part of saaS or cloud agreements. In the past, you had direct access to your data after the end of the contract with On Premise software, even if you were no longer authorized to use the vendor`s application. Today, your data is hosted by the provider or stored outside the business location, so it`s important to define and agree on how long your data will be accessed after your SaaS or Cloud contract is terminated (for example. B 90 days), which can access the data and how, with the format of data that can be retrieved from the application. SaaS customers await the reliability of SaaS technology providers.

Especially for SaaS services, which customers consider business-critical, SaaS`s experienced customers are looking for robust service level agreements and support rules to provide comfort. A SaaS contract may have a detailed ALS as an installation – or several options from which a customer can choose from a support portal. For example, several saaS staff entities can be consolidated into an enterprise agreement (with increased benefits from a negotiated contract). This view also allows an end-to-end view of each application from its starting point in contract details to actual usage metrics created by end-users. We will not mention some of the obvious or obscure conditions – such as pricing, guarantees or the general duration of contracts. Here`s a high-level overview of 7 important provisions that you should check, check and update with each SaaS contract you sign, ideally with the help of a lawyer: before reviewing a software agreement, it`s important to know if the vendor is providing the software via a SaaS model or an Over-Premise model (or maybe a combination of both).