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Resco Agreement

RESCO reserves ownership at all times of all rights, titles and interests of Resco Cloud, documentation (including all components, supplements, modifications and updates) and all related intellectual property rights, including trademarks or trade names, hidden works, patents, patent applications, copyrights , trade secrets, knowledge, designs, methods, processes and inventions. With the exception of the Section 2 licence fee, nothing in this agreement should be construed as conferring or transferring rights to Resco Cloud and documentation (including all items, supplements, amendments and updates). At the time of acceptance and compliance with the financial eligibility test, 100% capacity is allocated to L-1 bidders. For the RESCO model: based on the Levellized tariff indicated by bidders at the E-Reverse auction, IPGCL addresses the bids in ascending order, i.e. L1, L2, L3, … and so on (L1 is the lowest bid). lowest bidder is declared as a successful bidder. Neither RESCO nor the end user is responsible for the delay or non-compliance with its obligations under this framework (or part of it) if the cause of the delay or non-performance is an event that is unpredictable, beyond the control of the party concerned, and cannot be remedied by proper diligence, including , but not only to the actions of God, to the actions of civil or military authority, to public authorities, to war, fire, explosion, agitation of work (unless they are limited to the party concerned) or the party concerned is relieved of its obligations (or part of them) as long as the case of force majeure persists and hinders the performance of these obligations (or part of them) , while understanding that force majeure does not excuse any obligation for the end user to pay the invoices due in accordance with the provisions of these provisions. The party concerned immediately informs the other party and does everything in its power to mitigate the effects of force majeure by appropriate mailing.7 However, if the benefit is suspended for more than fifteen (15) days, the party will meet to determine the appropriate solutions.