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Nebosh Learning Agreement

Apprenticeship Agreement You are on the cust of an ambitious curriculum that aims to improve your knowledge and understanding of health and safety management and your professional status. Be misunderstanding-free, this is an intensive learning program, one that requires your ultimate commitment to learn both in the classroom and in a-out. On the first day of the course, you are invited to sign a learning agreement that will require you to participate fully in your learning. I really enjoyed the class. I was not looking forward to it, but my expectations were exceeded. I learned so much this week. Harry has made the topic interesting and his delivery of the topic makes learning more fun and easier to take. The content of the space is good, the resources are excellent and the place is nice. The content of the course is very good. Course delivered at a very good pace and in a concentrated way. Really good delivery from Harry and made a pleasure to visit, learned loads and will take a lot of learning away. Very satisfied with my results.

A distinction was not in my visor, but very hacked to get it. I wanted to thank you again for your courses and advice during the course. In addition to learning a lot in a relatively short period of time, it has also been made enjoyable. Really have Harry`s teaching style, it varies the tempo, reads the space well and splashes humor to help learn retention. The content of the course is great, I haven`t used my gray matter so much in a long time, so thank you. If you have a complaint about any aspect of your course, please contact SHEilds Ltd so that we can investigate as part of the SHEilds claim procedure in order to resolve the issue. 18.1 NEBOSH Complaints If you remain dissatisfied with our response, you can escalate your complaint to NEBOSH by by email or in writing to: Tania Barker Customer Service Manager NEBOSH Dominus Way Meridian Business Park Leicester LE19 1QW NEBOSH confirm the complaint in writing in 10 business days. All complaints are resolved and submitted in writing within 21 business days. If the qualification is accredited by the SQA and the assessment took place in the UK, you can also obtain regulatory advice from the SQA. Complaints to the SQA can be filed on 0345 213 5249, by email or in writing: Scottish Qualifications Authority The Optima Building Accreditation Officer, 58 Robertson Street, Glasgow, G2 8DQ SQA, for confirmation within 5 business days and to provide a thoughtful response within 21 business days of receiving the complaint. It`s a very informative course.

A huge amount of information to process. I feel like we are being taught to be professionals in the field, rather than just learning answers to a test. I know that`s Harry`s goal, and personally I`m very happy with that. I would recommend Lighthouse to others, because this energy and enthusiasm are for health and safety. 15.1 This agreement defines the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the purpose of this Agreement and replaces all previous, written, oral or tacit agreements, agreements and assurances between the Client and 3B Training with respect to training services. Want to start a career in security? If you live in Bangladesh, you can now take the world`s leading NEBOSH courses at an Indian price.