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Lift Agreement

Our elevator engineer will provide you with a complete maintenance analysis that needs to be done and/or will examine the problem with a free and non-binding examination of your elevator. According to legal requirements, your elevator can only be operated if it is certified safe and must be checked at least twice a year by a competent person, but a service plan must be established to meet the needs of your equipment based on the age and use of your equipment. It is recognized that the maintenance of this type of equipment is highly specialized and is therefore likely to be provided by a serious elevator service provider. This assistance is provided by an elevator maintenance contract. You should prove, usually service reports or equivalents, that you took care of the equipment in accordance with the requirements of PUWER and LOLER. If you have an elevator that you think is a good maintenance, or if you need copies of inspection reports, contact your elevator service provider who can provide this information. An elevator maintenance company may also conduct a thorough review that can be used to verify the proper performance of the elevator maintenance contract. An experienced elevator service company can also arrange an on-site tour, inspect completely and advise your elevators. Sounds like a fairly simple question, but it is important.

Not only does this change the number of resources needed to keep you moving, but it can also change the importance of each elevator to you. If you have another way to get up and down, it can affect the type of maintenance contract you need. Often, there are additional lifting service options that need to be considered based on the number of elevator products and the use of buildings. This includes considerations such as: Schindler`s excellent maintenance kits can meet all of your elevator and escalator maintenance requirements and requirements. To give you a general idea of the types of contracts, two of the most common elevator maintenance contracts are listed below: elevator owners have a responsibility to stay informed of changes to legislation, standards and codes of conduct that may affect their elevators. Our elevator engineers are among the best in Scotland, so if you need an elevator engineer, call Eternal Elevators today on 01506 840816 Elevator maintenance contracts are an investment in the performance and longevity of your elevator systems. Routine maintenance helps prevent the effects of wear and potential breakdowns that could be very costly for you and very uncomfortable for your driver. Elevator maintenance is an essential part of elevator ownership. As an elevator owner, you have a legal responsibility to maintain and maintain your elevator products. In addition, preventative elevator maintenance helps keep your elevator in optimal condition, reducing outages, reducing operating costs and, overall, a more reliable elevator. When repairing and maintaining elevators, safety must always be a top priority, closely followed by the necessary standards and regulations. With nearly 50,000 facilities across the UK and more than 92,000 units in our service portfolio, Stannah offers a wide range of elevator solutions and services to move people and goods.